Team Mentoring

solve complex problems and encourage creative thinking

Learning new ideas as a team allows participants to have a shared language and experiences. In addition, the team experience provides an opportunity to extend the circle of like-minded colleagues. Team learning effectively uses teamwork elements, such as synergy and collaboration, to solidify your learning.

Teams can also solve more complex problems and encourage more creative thinking by challenging each other's assumptions. Learning theory also tells us that teams help to refine your understanding through discussions.

Team Mentoring at SHIFT

The team mentoring sessions at SHIFT supplement the Group Mentoring Sessions. They also elaborate on the concepts learned, serving to review and re-enforce your learning. In particular, the Team Mentoring Sessions, also known as Facilitator Sessions, including:

Every team member also has the opportunity to meet one-to-one with their mentor to discuss themes that may have emerged in either the group or team mentoring session. One-on-one conversations help you synthesize what you've learned, apply it directly to your context, and develop further as a leader.

Benefits of the process

Case studies provide scenarios where you can think about the concepts in ministry situations. Applications further help you link what you've learned with the practice of ministry. You discern the collective wisdom of others through discussion. You'll hear others comment on the cases and applications through their unique lenses and perspectives. Your learning will be much richer and deeper through participation in team mentoring

Guided meditation helps you solve problems by relaxing and clearing the mind of distractions so that you can focus your prayer and discernment specifically on the issue. Journaling can also help you discern the answers to complex conceptual problems. Both guided meditation and journaling are spiritual practices that can improve your well-being and relationship with God. These practices slow you down and help you get your emotions out into the open, acknowledge them, deal with them, and then move on to the solution God calls you to. Guided meditation and journaling can also move you forward in your thinking when you are previously stuck. And they both teach you a lot about yourself and others.

Once you've developed or redeveloped the spiritual practices of guided meditation and journaling, you'll have disciplines you can use in all aspects of your spiritual life, not just for solving problems. You'll be able to practice these disciplines anytime you want to draw closer to God.

Like other aspects of SHIFT's programming, team mentoring will engage, challenge, and help you grow. It will renew you so that you return to your congregation refreshed, excited, and more connected with God. It will enhance your awareness of your strengths and growing edges, allowing for transforming your mind and spirit.

Responsibilities of team members

Team mentoring works best when all members collaborate to support each other's learning, spiritual growth, and renewal. To do that, we encourage all team members to: