Pastoral Services

Supportive, Holistic Innovations for Thriving in Ministry (SHIFT)

Pastors must continue preaching the gospel, making disciples, and facilitating transformation in people's lives. However, a pastor's profession can also be psychologically and emotionally hard, and the risk of "pastor burnout" (also known as "minister burnout") is genuine.

Professionals define career burnout as a persistent state of physical and emotional tiredness brought on by stress at work. Burned-out church leaders frequently feel overburdened, defeated, and incompetent at their jobs. Depression, anxiety, marital issues, and other more dangerous emotional and physical symptoms may result from this.

SHIFT leadership supports the general well-being of pastors. They want to ensure pastors take care of themselves and aren't overworked or worn out.

Three main reasons why pastors get burned out

01. Overwhelming workload

Most pastors work 40 to 60 hours a week and are in charge of many positions, including preachers, instructors, counselors, accountants, chaplains, janitors, and so forth. Additionally, they are in charge of several practical responsibilities like employee and volunteer management, budgeting, and money raising. These numerous duties and responsibilities might result in work-related stress and hectic schedules.

02. Unclear boundaries

Pastors are deeply committed to their local communities, making it easy to blur the boundaries between their personal and professional lives. As a result, many pastors struggle to set boundaries for their workweeks and use their "spare time" to counsel, serve, and participate in church activities. Due to the imbalanced work-life balance caused by this, many feel overburdened and unable to detach from their jobs.

03. Cultural changes

Our culture is evolving at a breakneck pace, resulting in more complicated duties that harm pastors' mental health and wellness. The cultural shift is a more recent factor that contributes to burnout. Given the commotion, pressure, epidemic, politics, and hyper-digital environment, it makes it logical that many pastors are asking themselves, 'Is this really what I signed up for?'

Services provided by SHIFT Leadership

You understand as a pastor that ministry can be incredibly gratifying. You've dedicated time and effort to learning how to preach, honing your counseling techniques, and studying the Bible to be the most outstanding pastor you can be. You can rekindle your enthusiasm using SHIFT.

Hybrid Format

They will present the curriculum in a hybrid style, with some supplied online and the rest in-person following social distancing rules.

Mentee Cohorts

Each cohort is associated with one of the six yearly conferences. Once a month, the cohorts will convene online with a group mentor.

How we can help

It would be best not to ignore pastoral burnout or deal with it alone. Instead, we must unite in prayer and provide genuine support for our pastors when they are hurting, struggling, or feeling hopeless so that they can rediscover the joy of their vocation.

Our team at SHIFT is proud to support pastoral well-being and offer a dynamic, all-encompassing mentorship and leadership development program to make the gospel of Jesus immensely accessible. We know pastors are essential in spreading the gospel and developing disciples.